Do it the right way and avoid fines.

The purpose of regulatory compliance is to provide a safe living and working environment for people.  In the average body shop, this primarily concerns the safe and appropriate use and application of paints and chemicals.  Being “in compliance” means following rules and regulations that establish how to operate safety, how to train and inform employees, and how to maintain documentation.

Being compliant can be a daunting task for any business, and something that can’t be ignored without running the risk of receiving heavy fines for non-compliance.  Aside from avoiding paying big dollars for not doing things the right way, business owners should want to operate in an environment that is safe for themselves, their employees, their customers, and their communities.

Colormatch can take some of the anxiety and burden from the body shop by assisting in the following safety and compliance areas:

  • Body shops should have a Safety & Compliance Administrator.  We can train the person you select to perform this function in your facility.
  • Body shops are required to have a Hazard Communication Program, which includes proper labeling, MSDS access, and ‘right-to-know’ training.  We can put a program together for you.
  • Annual respirator fit testing is mandatory.  We can help set your employees up for any required medical evaluations, and then come right into your shop for training and testing.  You can purchase any respiration equipment and accessories that your shop may need directly from us.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult for shop owners or managers to recognize things that should be changed in order to provide a safer and more compliant shop.  Our experienced eyes can see the common things that are often overlooked, as well as the hidden troublemakers.  We can conduct bi-annual inspections and provide written reports on the safety and compliance issues for your shop.
  • Do you have an Employee Safety Handbook?  We can customize one for your shop.
  • Do you conduct monthly safety meetings, and document them?  We can set up 12 different meetings with shop-related subjects, including evacuation drills and attendance rosters for your shop.


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