About Colormatch

History of Colormatch


is a family owned and operated business located in Jackson, Tennessee.  The company originally began in 1949 as a small auto parts store.  The founder, Hubert A. Richardson, would be proud of how far the company has come today, with second and third generations represented in the company's daily operations.  H.A.'s business principles of gaining success through a lot of hard work and dedication has carried the company forward into the 21st century.

The company has changed and diversified over the years to become a leader in the distribution of collision repair products to the auto body industry.  In addition, specialty coatings and supplies are being provided to aviation, marine, and industrial markets.  We have achieved success by selling quality products and providing specialized services that solve problems and contribute to the profitability of our customers.  The entire team at our Hub City PBE corporate offices and warehouse, along with our COLORMATCH stores, center on the needs of our customers.

Innovation is always important, but some things from the past are definitely worth keeping.  H.A.'s goal in 1949 was to provide all customers with a level of service that exceeded their expectations.  That goal continues to be the driving force behind our company and the focus of all activities.  Today, the Richardson family continues the tradition of quality and service begun over 65 years ago.

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