COLORMATCH is an authorized distributor for major manufacturers of automotive aftermarket and specialty coatings products.  We carry a complete line of quality paints and supplies for collision refinish,aviation, marine, and industrial applications.  Click HERE for a list of our general major vendors.

Thousands of products are available in the following general categories:

  • Abrasive Products
    hook & loop, pressure sensitive adhesive, buff, compound, polish pads
  • Adhesives
    seam, panel, specialty
  • Body Repair Products
    hardeners, putty, cleaners, additives, primers, sealers, fillers
  • Custom
    candies, pearls, lettering enamels, stencils, brushes
  • Detail Products
    car wash, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner
  • Hygiene Products
    hand cleaners, towels, paper products
  • Specialty Coatings
    paints & coatings for industry, aviation, marine, construction
  • Masking Products
    tapes, paper, liquid, plastic sheeting
  • Misc. Products
    rollers, brushes, containers, strainers, mixing sticks
  • Paint Finishing Products
    activators, toners, balancers, reducers, thinners, clear coats, solvents
  • Safety Items
    respirators, masks, suits, hoods, gloves, goggles
  • Tools & Equipment
     spray guns, sanders, storage items, racks, fasteners, clamps, frame equipment, welding items

Many items are kept in stock at our retail stores, or our Jackson, Tennessee warehouse.  We accommodate 33,000 sq. ft. of inventory on the main floor of the warehouse, which houses three receiving bays and five shipping bays.  Three additional levels of storage space off the main floor are also utilized.  Distribution is made from our warehouse, to our stores, and along designated delivery routes directly to our customers. 

Please note that not all products may be available in every market.

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