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COLORMATCH supplies exceptional quality products for the Marine Industry and DuPont Marine Finishes offers a complete line of coatings for premium completion and refinishing of watercraft.  These high-performance products provide the outstanding results you expect from DuPont.

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DuPont Marine Finishes provide superior protection against elements your vessel will face throughout its long life.  Maximize and maintain your marine finish by following these points:

Keep your boat clean

Remove salt spray and dirt after each use with clean water and a neutral ph soap.

Use a soft mitt or felt style brush.  Never use a stiff bristle brush or scrubbing pads.

Dry or chamois the surface to prevent water spotting.

Wash at least twice a month.

Protect your new finish

Apply protective waxes after the first 60 days.

Carnauba waxes bead water nicely, absorb the acid content in rain and hide minor swirls after polishing, generally lasting up to 60 days.

Synthetic waxes made from modern polymers or acrylic resins offer excellent durability and ease of application and generally last up to 6 months.

Do not use "cleaner waxes" or products that contain abrasives.

Polish often

Polishing will maintain the paint, remove light scratches, marks, oxidation, and environmental fall-out.

Polish the finish using a machine at slow speed or by hand, using a fine or ultra-fine polish/glaze.


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