Give yourself the edge with the right marketing programs.

In order to be successful, body shops need to know how to effectively market themselves.  Great service and products are essential for a successful business, but smart marketing is what makes a body shop stand out from the competition, and make consumers take notice.  Effective marketing gives you the edge, which can make a real difference, especially in a challenging economy.

It is critical for shops to have a good marketing plan and strategy that accomplishes the ultimate goal of increasing business.  We can help in all of the following areas:

  • Instead of using a scatter-shot approach to advertising, we can help you identify a target market, so that marketing efforts will have a specific focus and advertising dollars will be used most effectively.
  • Consumers use the internet more than any other method of qualifying businesses.  Therefore, businesses must have a professional website, or they will lose a large percent of potential revenue.  We can assist with website development, or help enhance your existing website.
  • We can show you how to take advantage of free or inexpensive internet options utilizing social media.  Sites like Face Book and Twitter can be of significant benefit to consumer driven businesses.
  • Employees are your best salespeople both inside the shop and outside.  We can develop custom marketing workshops and training for your collision shop employees.
  • Specialty programs can be set up to identify potential DRP relationships.  Additional programs can be set up for your shop to specifically market against competitors.


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