The Masters School of Autobody Management, located in Galesburg, Illinois, is the only school of its type in the country. Courses such as Bodyshop Management Essentials, One Day Marketing, The Nuts & bolts of EstimatingTM, and Cycle Time & Production ManagementTM are offered on a regular basis.  On-site courses, consulting services, and coaching sessions can also be arranged. Click on the Masters icon at the bottom of the page for additional information about MASTERS training.


Here is what Masters has to say about COLORMATCH
"As a vendor to COLORMATCH, I get to see the organization from a different perspective than some. Suppliers are usually nice when they have something to sell, but the COLORMATCH crew are equally professional when they are the buyers. In my 10 years of dealing with them, I have been most impressed by the way they "partner" with their customers and suppliers. The body shop customers tend to be loyal to COLORMATCH because it's more than a transaction, it is a relationship."

Dave Dunn CCRM
Masters School of Autobody Management






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